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Let’s try again!

September 6, 2009

I started this blog in a blaze of enthusiasm, when my life promptly fell apart at the seams. Separating from my partner and moving to London has taken up most of my time and mental energy this summer, and, just as I have been a bit slack about eating healthily and sourcing my food responsibly, I have also had little inclination to write carefully thought out blog posts about the cultural, sensual and political aspects of food that normally excite me so much.

However, I am shortly starting my MA in the Anthropology of Food at SOAS and doing lots of reading to prepare for that, as well as exploring the restaurants, markets and shops that London has to offer. I made a trip to Stoke Newington Farmers Market on Saturday (the first market to have only organic and biodynamic producers) and bought all sorts of exciting things: black cherry tomatoes, baby courgettes with the flowers still on, knobbly unfamiliar squashes and plums William Carlos Williams could not have resisted. I’ve also been making the most of the plethora of Turkish supermarkets on Green Lanes – in London, not only can you buy avocados that are actually ripe, but you can also buy three different varieties of chilli at 3 a.m. if you so choose. This simple provincial girl is most impressed.

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