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November 15, 2009

Restaurant reviews will probably not be a frequent feature on this blog, because I have no money. However, every so often my parents visit, and they take me out to dinner. (NB – I am a student and, as such, always on the look-out for free food.) A few weeks ago, they took me to Konstam, which I have been itching to go to since I first heard about it approximately two years ago. Now, this is a restaurant which is near Kings Cross and serves produce which comes almost entirely from within the M25, neither of which sounds particularly inspiring, but I found the concept utterly intriguing.

According to their website,

Over 80% of the produce used in the Konstam kitchen is grown or reared within the area covered by the London Underground network. The restaurant′s commitment to seasonal produce and local sourcing leads to a focus on Northern and Central European cuisine.

Clearly, things like sugar, coffee and spices come from further afield (although we did have a very nice Kentish red wine), but there was still a good range of starters and mains. I had pigeon breast with bacon and hazlenuts, followed by chicken with mashed potatoes and greens, both of which were superb. I was too full for pudding or cheese, but both looked tempting.

One thing I particularly liked was that the kitchen was in full view of and very close to the diners. It’s always reassuring to see the chef at work, but in this setting it really emphasised the geographic provenance of the food and the ethos of good, honest food.

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  1. November 17, 2009 10:03 pm

    Hey I went there once for the launch party of the restaurants fundraising campaign – they are really good supporters of Action Against Hunger. I was handing out the canapes and scoffed more than my fair share. Aren’t the dekkies good!

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