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52 New Recipes in 2010 – 03, Porcini Mushroom and Red Wine Risotto

January 25, 2010

Generally, I’m a red wine drinker. I much prefer it to white, especially at this time of year, but it’s harder to open it and just have a glass – it tends to oxidise, whereas white and rosé will be perfectly happy in the fridge for a while. So when I opened a bottle last week, I needed a way to use it up, and I stumbled across this interesting recipe for porcini mushroom and red wine risotto. I got some porcini mushrooms for Christmas and had been looking for things to use them in, so it was a happy coincidence!

I love making risotto – it’s so soothing, and it forces you to cook well. You have to have all the ingredients ready to go, so you prep it all beforehand and then all you have to do is bung them in the pan in the right order and stir, and you don’t have any excuse not to pay attention! I’m usually quite proud of my risottos (risotti?) – maybe this is why…

This one was no exception! I couldn’t stretch to 4 cups of Burgundy, I’m afraid, so instead of reducing it I just used it as it was along with the stock, but it was pretty good nonetheless. Fun to cook, pretty to look at, tasty and rich to eat, successfully soaked up the alcohol on my night out and the pan scrapings made a passable, if surreal, hangover brunch. Recommended!

Though I’d like to try the real thing when I’m feeling a bit more affluent…

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