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52 New Recipes in 2010 – 05, Kale and Walnut Pesto

March 21, 2010

There appears to be a dearth of green, leafy vegetables in north London. The spinach in my local Turkish supermarket has more than doubled in price and looks much less appetising, and similarly all the kale, cavolo nero etc in the swanky organic shop near uni has looked tired, yellow and generally unappealing, and the last lot I bought was really bitter. So I went a bit crazy at the farmer’s market yesterday, and bought kale, spinach and rocket. (Possibly also because it radiated a healthy greenness that distracted me from my hangover.)

A short nap later and a completely unproductive afternoon later, the hangover had gone. It was nearly time to go out again. I needed a filling dinner, fast. Pasta seemed a safe bet.

Feeling devoid of inspiration, I typed ‘kale recipes’ into google and found lots of recipes for pesto. This also allowed me to use the hand-blender I recently acquired (along with an eccentric assortment of other bits and bobs) from my grandparents.* Win-win.

So, I cobbled together something from these two recipes. I mainly followed the first for the pesto, but the second suggested serving it with olives, something I am currently overrun with, which was a Very Good Idea. It’s also a raw recipe – I’ve never got into the whole raw food thing, but actually wish I’d experimented with this, as the kale was young and not too tough and it was a bit watery after cooking, so the pesto kind of bound together with the water, and I didn’t end up putting much oil in, and consequently it didn’t taste of much. Should at least have squeezed it out better first. Error.

Still, I’ll know for next time. And adding a good pinch of salt brought out the flavours more. And it was good with pasta and olives, and again this evening on bread with feta. Accompanied by yet more olives. If anyone has any good olive recipes, please let me know! I will be eating the damn things for months at this rate!


* I have been eating a lot of soup recently. I’d missed making soup.

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