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Cheese activism!

March 25, 2010

There was discussion. Emails flew around. Crazy stunts were suggested. Wild ambitions were reined in.

We will not be contacting the man at the Guardian, nor will we be taking over Trafalgar Square, nor will we be covering classmates in cheese and eating it off them.

Tomorrow, Friday 26th March, there will be a MASS CHEESE GIVEAWAY at SOAS at 17.30. Free cheese to save good quality food from being thrown away and raise awareness of food waste and hunger. Bring your own bread/crackers/grapes/port.

And, crucially, your ideas for a larger-scale event (with press releases and a bit more forethought) for when this inevitably happens again!


And now, there is a fine line between ‘using social media to promote yourself’ and ‘faffing about on the internet’. It is 9.00 pm and I have barely started my last ever reading response paper for my last ever food class. :’-(

I may have crossed that line.


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