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April 23, 2010

That’s right, some of the pea and bean seedlings I planted the other week have sprouted! I have little baby seedlings!

Every time this happens, I always get amazed that something dry and shrivelled like a seed can turn into this little green shoot, and I do a little happy seedling dance, but this year it has an added poignancy because I have been spending most of the last few days in the library reading about the political economy of plant-breeding. In a historical perspective. I never expected to find it so fascinating.

Anyway, it’s been pretty hot and sunny for April (I’m doing that really unpopular gardener thing of secretly wishing it would rain – also because it SUCKS sitting in the library and staring out at an endless stream of glorious spring days…. what’s the betting there aren’t any more after 19th May?) and I’ve been preoccupied with coursework essays, so I was worried that I’d neglected them to the point they wouldn’t grow. You know, you’re supposed to keep them warm and moist and cosy and suchlike… Spending all day in college and getting back at midnight, I was mostly letting them fend for themselves, watering them when I remembered. Yet I was doubly fired up about my gardening efforts, because of all I’ve been reading about corporate control of  seeds and genetic material. The irony, if putting so much into my essay on GM had resulted in my open-pollinated heritage seeds not growing, would have been a bit much.

But they haven’t. Hurrah! I have seedlings!

*happy seedling dance*

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