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May 21, 2010

When Caroline Spelman, the new DEFRA minister, was appointed last week, I immediately did a bit of googling. I found out she was sugar beet commodity secretary for the NFU in the 80s, and there were frequent references to a ‘food and biotechnology company’ she and her husband run.’Biotechnology’ being a word that sets off a few alarm bells in conjunction with my new agriculture minister, I wanted to find out more about what this company actually does. I asked Knowledgeable Westminster Friend to do some digging for me. In the meantime, there seem to be people on the case – various things on Twitter, including a link to this.

In other news, my exams finished on Wednesday! Yay! Unfortunately, I have come down with a stinking cold, which not only seriously impeded revision for my food and medical anthropology exams, but has also totally got in the way of my four days of Having No Obligations to Anyone Else. Four whole days….

I have Great Plans for the blog now I’m done, so watch this space!

That said, I also have Great Plans for the garden, dissertation research, getting involved with community stuff, cooking, internships, and things like novels and pubs that have been sorely lacking in the past few months…

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