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In which I overestimate how much free time I actually have

July 22, 2010

From the ‘Things that have been sitting in my drafts folder for months’ files.

I intended to start blogging with a modicum of consistency once my exams finished, but I got distracted. There’s this whole world out there, where normal people don’t carry around three different colours of highlighter pen in their handbag. It’s an exciting place.

Alongside lazing around in the sunshine reading novels and drinking beer, I also got distracted by my exciting new internship. I’m doing research into the causes of malnutrition and food insecurity in Chad, which has gone quite well so far (I have conquered my phobia of numbers and spreadsheets… in fact, I now LOVE spreadsheets) although I’m a bit nervous about the upcoming presentation on everything I’ve found so far. Eek.

I will shortly also be distracted by a summer school on Sustainability and Food Policy. Which I even got a scholarship towards! And might involve going to Terra Madre in Turin in October… Which is not only hugely, hugely exciting from a foodie point of view, and because I will get to contribute to a policy document on sustainable food (which will doubtless be resoundingly ignored by those in a position to change things, but that is beside the point), but one of this  year’s themes is:

“cultural and linguistic diversities – in recognition of the need to defend minority ethnic groups and indigenous languages, and with an appreciation of the value of oral traditions and memory.”

So I can also bring out my dormant language policy geek from my undergraduate days. 😀


In my attempt to blog with a modicum of consistency, I would like your help with a few things.

  • Recipes! People, I need your recipes for the 2010 recipe challenge. I should, if I was doing it properly, be ab0ut half-way through by now. I am, in fact, on 8. So, please recommend tasty things to cook, bake, whatever. I’m especially keen for recipes involving fish,* and vegetarian recipes based on potatoes, and things I can make in big batches and eat for lunch all week, but frankly I’m keen to try anything. Hopefully getting a veg box again will help inspire me.
  • Blogs, Twitter, websites etc. I want to find more exciting food blogs, websites, projects, etc. And also add some more links to my sidebar. Suggestions please! Also, good people to follow on Twitter – so far I’m mostly following organisations and campaigns and I’d like to balance it out with ‘normal people’ who are interested in food, but I don’t know how to find them. I’m also foodrant on Twitter if you’re on it.
  • Unsuspecting victims Novice gardeners. I am still recruiting households to mentor as part of the Master Gardener programme I’m doing, so if you could use some gardening advice or know anyone who might (preferably in north London) then please do get in touch. More info, including links to the scheme, here.


And now I must go and collect my second veg box. This is a very exciting development in my life. This week, I have actually eaten some vegetables, taken my own lunch to work (even though this meant turning down going for pizza with colleagues), bothered to cook when I get in, and given my money to people who are Doing Good Things. Long may it continue!


* User-friendly fish please! Nothing with eyes yet!

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