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52 New Recipes in 2010 – 09, Potato and Feta Gratin

August 23, 2010

This recipe was inspired by a yoga and massage weekend I went on in July at the fabulous Lower Shaw Farm in Swindon – if I had lots of money and lots of free weekends, I would cheerfully do all their courses. Alas, one weekend of sustained post-yoga buzz and regular massages a year will have to suffice. When I went last year, someone even told me I looked healthy. Hadn’t heard that for ages!

The food, also, is fabulous, a lot of it coming from the farm itself. There is something quite, quite blissful about stumbling off a packed 6.30-on-a-Friday-evening train out of London, rocking up at the farm and being presented with a plate of wholesome food. Especially when it contains feta.

I was inspired to recreate the tasty, cheesy, creamy, crispy potato and feta gratin for myself when I got back. There is a recipe here. Fellow Brits – I am reliably informed by the internet that ‘half and half’ is the same as single cream. I can also confirm that if you don’t have any cream of any description and are too lazy to leave the house, you can also make this with a combination of milk, yoghurt and white wine. Also, judging by a successful second attempt, creme fraiche.

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